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Chrysostom's Address to Parents
by Kendal Barriere on April 14th, 2023
Our children are impressionable imitators, what things are we allowing them to watch, listen, indulge, and participate in? How do our daily practices encourage virtue and vice? Are our children seeing us read, work, pray, worship, laugh, contemplate, love? How might we improve our parenting (this timed event with eternal consequences) before the pearl hardens?  Read More
Lion-Hearted Faithfulness and Our School Song
by Kendal Barriere on February 11th, 2023
As Christians we are at war with our own sin and with the principalities and powers of darkness. We are also a distinct people with centuries of courageous history to celebrate and be grateful for. We should seek to honor and emulate our faithful brothers and sisters who have fought victoriously before us.  Read More
Education as Discipleship
by Kendal Barriere on January 27th, 2023
Though the word “discipleship” is now most commonly used in religious contexts many parents fail to see that schools are actually discipleship institutions. Parents who choose to send their children to secular government schools are sending them as disciplees to sit at the feet of disciplers who operate under the authority of a God denying and God defying discipleship ministry. In most cases, these parents operate under a tragic assumption that children – in these extremely impressionable K-12 years – can learn skills without learning values, habits, and affections (areas which well-meaning parents and churches hope to shape).  Read More