Biblical counseling

Hope for the City is the biblical counseling ministry of Missio Dei Fellowship. The ministry serves the membership of Missio Dei Fellowship and seeks to serve guests and visitors to Missio Dei Fellowship. We believe that biblical counseling is another word for discipleship. What you hear on Sunday morning is the same as what you will hear in the counseling office. This is a holistic approach to discipleship\counseling. 

Worship Arts Ministry

Our mission is to encourage and admonish our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ through the singing of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, and to lead them in thankful and emotionally-honest praise of God, in the Spirit and in truth. We function to support the preaching of God’s Word, in discipling the Body to know more of Christ and to fear Him. This ministry is comprised of musicians, fine artists, sound engineers, photographers, and videographers. We believe art is a unique gift from God, that should be inspired and compelled by the Word of God and the propagation of His gospel.

Missio Dei Kids

Our Mission is that the children of Missio Dei would have deep confidence rooted in the character of God so that they would passionately follow Him, love Him, and serve Him. Our hope is to partner with parents in the discipleship of their children by providing environments, curriculum, and resources that center on the Gospel and teach the nature, character, and promises of God. Our approach is simple. Each week we desire the children to grow in their trust for God by seeing more of His glorious promises. In the context of small classrooms, lead by caring teachers, they will spend time worshiping and learning through story, creation, and interaction, as they are encouraged to think, speak, and ask. The goal of each teacher is to help your child love all of the promises of God that have been purchased through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Community Groups

Christians are called and created to function together. This fellowship is vital to the unity and spiritual growth of the Church, and thus the growth of the individual Christian. This ministry is the central means of working out this vision. Each week we gather together as small groups in the intimacy of each other’s homes. We share meals with one other, study the Bible together, pray together, laugh together, weep together, reach out to our neighborhoods together, and care for one another when there is need. In this age, we have “relationships” at our finger-tips so easily, yet so often we are lonely. God calls us to know Him, and also call one another to know Him. This produces deep, lasting relationships and unity to the glory of God. This ministry exists for the members of the church, and those on the path to membership, although guests are welcome as they explore our church. For more information on our Community Groups, please email us

Imago Dei
Classical School

As an educational ministry of the church, Imago Dei Classical School serves to cultivate biblical wisdom, virtue, and affections by nourishing the soul on truth, goodness, and beauty, so that, the image of God might be restored in the student, and so that, in Christ they are better able to know, glorify, and enjoy God forever. We aim to educate young men and women who listen carefully, think biblically, reason soundly, articulate precisely, and have a love for life-long learning. Our desire is for graduates to effectively serve God and thoughtfully engage the world with a distinct Christian worldview. In this way we prepare our students to take ownership of their unique calling as participants in the Missio Dei. Visit the school's website.

Faith & Fable

This podcast is a teaching ministry of Missio Dei Fellowship, and is pastoral in nature. Pastors Matt Henry and Matt Miller (The Vine Community Church) discuss common - and often controversial - topics pertinent to the church and theology. Visit Faith & Fable's website.