Gospels that Damn - Islam

Apr 23, 2023    Grayson Gilbert

In this brief series we consider key religions that claim to give a true way of salvation and forgiveness of sin, but actually are false gospels and false hopes. When considering a false gospel, one must consider Islam, as it is one of the fastest growing religions in the world today. From the problem, to the solution, the commands, and even the blessings, it is built off of a false understanding of the nature of god (Allah). What stands as his preeminent attribute is his transcendence, thus everything is seen through the lens of submission. Yet even in this, Allah can overrule everything at his own whims. He is not a personal god who has revealed himself to mankind that they might know him, but a capricious deity who stands supreme above it all to do as he pleases. Thus we see how utterly hopeless Islam is in the end to give an answer.