You Have Seen The Videos, So Now What?

by | Sep 3, 2015

F7C37B5E-6B34-BDAE-0B3B-403296ABF79CUnless you completely ignore all social media and the internet you are aware of the terrible videos that are revealing the even darker underbelly of the very dark practice of abortion.  Many comments and shouts have come out regarding the need to defund Planned Parenthood.  But like most things related to the internet it often just ends there.  By the next day, the Facebook pages are filled with new things to be shocked at or to like or to simply glance at.   Forgotten are the countless lives being extinguished each day.

At Missio Dei, one of the cornerstones of our church is to be in the public square.  In other words, we are to be out in and among the communities in which we live, seeking to be a blessing to the people. We are not to retreat but rather engage.  And in the abortion debate there is one incredibly simple way to engage and bless.  It is through supporting the Walk for Life through Care Net ministries.  This fund-raising effort is critical to keep this ministry stable and moving forward as it seeks to help save the lives of the unborn and minister to the mothers and fathers themselves.  It has many opportunities to bring the gospel into lives that desperately need to hear it and believe.

So, you’ve seen the videos so now what?  Put your money where you need to put it.  Support this ministry.  Decide not to eat out for the next two weeks and take that money and put it toward supporting the walkers.  Make your own coffee for a month and forgo the overpriced Starbucks lattes.  Just do it.

Missio Dei has a team ready to go and who are accepting and needing your donations.  Go to this page and on the bottom right, click the tab that says “My Team.”  There you can choose whoever you wish, or as many as you wish, to support.