What Does The SBC and the LDS Have in Common?

by | Jul 13, 2015

I spoke at Missio Dei a couple of weeks ago of how the recent SCOTUS decisions create an excellent opportunity to make clear who is truly of the Church rather than merely professors of Christ.  When I taught on the need for sound doctrine in the church we learned about false teachers who are like clouds without water, hidden reefs and tongues that speak for the purpose tickling ears.

Just today I listened with grief as a man I have no respect for, but who “pastors” a massive SBC church in Texas, bring onto the stage the Mormon, Glenn Beck to give a “sermon” that was great on take-our-country-back speech and how he supposedly found Jesus.  “We must be on the side of God” makes good ol’ Americans clap and cheer, but of course we don’t have to really know what that means.  Here is a supposed Christian pastor giving up the stage to have one who does not know Jesus in any biblical manner as if he was a brother-in-Christ.  But then I assume Ed Young is a brother.

Here is what stood out to me as I listened to him.  First, it is easy to sound Christian in this nation because the idea of truly being a Christian is so muddled that you only need to invoke the name of God and something about the bible and Jesus to fit into that category.  Second, the SBC, though wonderful in so many ways, still has a long, long ways to go before it is able to be pure in the pulpit.  We must pray toward that end.  Third, words need to be defined before you embrace the one who speaks.  When Beck uses words like “church,” “testimony,” or “righteousness” it is easy for us to fill those terms with our own meanings rather than what he means.  Frankly, his message was a very good one for Mormonism and he was faithful to their false doctrine.  Fourth, moralism is alive and well in the church in America.  Where he was talking about moralism generated the greatest claps and cheers. Fifth, the gospel needs to be constantly clarified to all so that we do not lose sight of this most foundational reality of entrance into the Church and entrance into true life.

Over 20,000 attend Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas and no one jumped up to challenge him.  No one protested the empty words and Ed Young is still happily employed.  We are witnessing the wheels coming off of the bus called “American Christianity” and it will be ugly.

If you want to watch this travesty to see my points, here it is embedded.