Update from Pastor Matt’s Serbia Trip

by | Dec 10, 2015

Panoramic Henry

Hello Missio Dei Fellowship,
  I thought I would send to you, for your church’s enjoyment, proof that Pr. Matthew is well and heartily teaching in Serbia.
All the students LOVE him, and are SO glad he came back. There was a palpable difference between him being here again, knowing the students, being known by them, and someone who comes here new.
  The attached picture is a panoramic, which I really like.
Miro Igor
  I’m also sending pics that include the books your church so graciously sent to us – and I can say with flattering that these are the best books our library has. We are in such a bad state here because of ignorance, thievery and lack of anything being translated into Serbian. Thank you, thank you, thank you on behalf of the people of Serbia who may not even realize what they’ve been given.
  As far as the books that were shipped, they are supposedly approved for release to us, but have to be inspected in Belgrade. We are told they should be here hopefully today (12/7) by 3:00. That’s the way Serbia works – there’s even a national phrase for it – “Srbska posla.”
Books 3May the Lord return the blessing to your people in a multitude of ways.
Panoramic Henry 2