RESOLVED! A Women’s Bible Reading Challenge

The time to decide and RESOLVE to read your Bible in the new year is now. There is no Spiritual discipline more important than that of reading the Word of God. And there is simply not a healthy, growing, maturing Christian out there who doesn’t read her Bible. So, Ladies, let’s resolve to read the Bible together in the new year. But we need more than good intentions. Good habits or disciplines require planning, support, and especially a critical mind to help us think clearly when we encounter the temptation to quit. We have the plan, the support, you just have to resolve, prepare, jump in and get ready for the ride!

The Plan
The idea here is to all join the same Bible reading plan. We have searched and found a good plan with a good pace. We’ve chosen a chronological, six day, one year reading plan; Monday through Saturday with Sunday being a make-up day.

The point of doing it together is precisely to support and encourage one another in this endeavor. When you join, you will be added to our email list, FB group, and you may follow our new Instagram account. In these groups we will have weekly reminders of our readings. The groups will also serve as virtual connect forums where discussion of Bible content we just read is encouraged. You will be in a group where reading is the goal. We want to cheer one another, hold each other accountable, and, of course, count our blessings for our obedience.

Who Can Join this Challenge?
The quick answer to that is any and all are encouraged to join. In fact, we want you to think, of course, of yourself first. If you’re reading this post, we want you to join! But we also want you to invite your neighbor, your friend, your mom, your daughter(s), your co-worker, your sister, whomever is willing to read along. Imagine the benefits of being on the same page (almost literally) with each other? We can stop the clichés and start talking about full bible stories, contexts, truth, questions, wonder and so much more. Our play dates, get-togethers, interactions, walks will be transformed!

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