Read to Your Children

by | Oct 23, 2015


How many books have you read to your children in the last month?  I hope the answer is at least 30, for that is only one a day.  I mean to your children who can’t read or are only beginning to read.  For you older children, how many times are you having them read to you?  Something so simple and yet so huge is too often missed by parents, especially fathers.

I have said it many times but it bears repeating.  Read to your children.  And read good books, fun books and exciting books.  As they learn to read give them books to read.  Turn them loose on the public library until they come home with a stack of books up to their chin.  You will not regret it.

I write this as an introduction to some really good books to own.  Books on the Christian faith for younger children.  A book for children who have come to profess faith in Christ.  An graphic novel type of bible to help even the stubbornest child read. And to introduce you to a great author who writes allegorical books that teens and old, old people will love.

Look over this list, then go buy at least one of them.  But also, if you have come across a really sound book for children post it in the comments.

i believe in jesusHere is a little book to read over and over to your little ones to speak to them of the gospel.




the biggest storyThis is a great book to read with your children.  It takes them from the first garden to the final, eternal garden, a motif often missed in the bible.  It is gospel-saturated and worth your time.




These next few are by R C Sproul and all are worthy of your attention.  A couple of them I have had played in church as Dr. Sproul read his own book.

poison cupindexthe king without a shadowthe lightlingsa donkey and a king










action bibleHere is a great bible to have in your home.  It is a graphic novel and yet it is done well and faithful to the Scripture.  We have it in the church’s resource center if you want to check it out.




I cannot tell a lie.  I am a huge fan of N D Wilson.  This guy can write.  The problem I have is that when the next book comes out I buy it, read it in a night and then wait impatiently for him to crank out another one.  This first link is to where all his books are listed.

But, there are two series that any teen to old person would enjoy that I particularly recommend. They are very subtle allegories like the Narnia tales.  But even more subtle.






Here are two books that every dad with small children should own.  Cuddle up with your little one and let them hear your voice tell them wonderful stories.  They need it.

fathers and daugthersfathers and sons





indexHere is a book that both parent and child will enjoy.  Much doctrine written in such a helpful manner.