Pharaoh or Cyrus? The Cure for Unrighteous Anger & Anxiety

by | Apr 5, 2016

Our pastor one recent Sunday made reference to social media and the presidential primaries of this year.

He pointed out that many evangelical Christians seem to have placed all their hopes on one of the candidates.

His goal was the remind our church that no matter who wins, our hope must be in Christ. No matter who wins the presidential election, we will always be let down because sin-flawed people are running the country.

He also said we need to be good citizens and vote in the primary for the person who best represents our values. In other words we should do what we can, but do not stress over the results of the election.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m angry about the direction our country is headed. I also admit that I can be fearful; not so much for me, but for my grandchildren who may very well grow up in a country that has little regard for the Constitution and the amendments to it.

I also see a decidedly anti-Christian sentiment growing as the SCOTUS continues to find “rights” where none previously existed.

As a biblical counselor, I am keenly aware that a pre-occupation with politics can easily reveal the heart.

Publicly venting spleen on social media about one candidate or the other, expressing hatred or simply ranting, does not represent Christ well.

Acting out in an unChristlike manner also increases our personal anxiousness and fuels the anger of others. This is not helpful, nor, sound Christian behavior.

It is true that as Christians we have a foot in each kingdom and we ought not become so spiritually minded that we are of no earthly good.

We should however have a biblical perspective on it all.

Consider Proverbs 21:1…

The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lordhe turns it wherever he will.”

How did the Lord turn Pharaohs’ heart?

He hardened Pharaohs’ heart so that His glory would be made manifest as He led through Moses His people out of Egypt and to the Promised Land (after 40 years of wandering).

Now consider these verses:

“In the first year of Cyrus the king, Cyrus the king issued a decree: Concerning the house of God at Jerusalem, let the house be rebuilt, the place where sacrifices were offered, and let its foundations be retained. Its height shall be sixty cubits and its breadth sixty cubits.” (Ezra 6:3)

“And the elders of the Jews built and prospered through the prophesying of Haggai the prophet and Zechariah the son of Iddo. They finished their building by decree of the God of Israel and by decree of Cyrus and Darius and Artaxerxes king of Persia.” (Ezra 6:14)

God used the King of Persia for another purpose-the return of Jewish exiles and the rebuilding of the House of God in Jerusalem.

The words of the Proverb are proved true by these examples.

Personally, I believe that if certain candidates are elected it will spell further disaster for our country. As I write this, front runners in each party are the disasters I refer to.

So, what to do?

I will pray for a Cyrus rather than a hard-hearted Pharaoh. I would pray that God would be pleased to place on the throne a President that treats his people in the same way the Persian kings treated the exiles.

I believe this to be the cure for unrighteous anger and personal anxiety. God is either in control or he is not.

Let’s pray for a Cyrus. Time will tell what we’ve received.