First Steps – Tuesday Tutoring NEEDS

by | Oct 9, 2013

tt pic 3The difference between this year and last year: Last year we ran about 10-12 kids until one large family moved away, and some of their friends stopped coming as well. This left us with 3 regular kids and the occasional visitors. (Unless we were having a pizza party… then word would get out and we’d have a bunch of kids.) I know God had purpose in just 3 (10 yr old) girls faithfully coming last year. We were able to connect with them on a much deeper level, and speak to them at length about who God is without much interruption.

This year, we’ve had around 20 kids the past two weeks. It makes for a noisy and crowded space, and we have a harder time keeping everyone’s attention during Bible time. Also, we have a much younger group this year.

The other difference is obviously, with 3 kids, we’d buy a snack (apples, pretzels and cookies) and one trip to the store could last 3 weeks. Even with the crafts we would do with them… the cost was modest.  This year, even with affordable snacks and crafts, it runs right around $20 to $25 each week. That has made it a bit more difficult. You can donate throughout the year as well. If you find snacks on sale, you can give them to Sherri Stocker any Sunday and I will put them to use. Fruit is a little harder to keep from week to week… but if Sherri is given fruit on Sunday, it should be fine until Tuesday.

Have you ever considered how you can help the tutoring ministry at First Step Services? 

Here are a few ideas:

tt pic 21. Pray!!  Please pray for us (Nichole Henry, Luke Severino, David Hamilton and Sherri Stocker) as we seek to minister and bring the gospel to these children.

Pray also for the kids:

  • That God would go before us and bring the children to us
  • That we would be able to help them and build meaningful relationships with them
  • Most importantly, for life-giving salvation for them

2. Each week we do a craft or activity with them and provide them a snack as we tell them stories and truths about God.

Here are things we could use:

Craft Items: Beads, Coloring books, Crayons, Markers, Glue sticks, Pencils, Paper (white and colored), Erasers, Craft kits from Hobby Lobby or Oriental Trading

Snacks: Fruit Snacks, Gold Fish (Any Variety), Pudding Cups, Pretzels, Cheese & Crackers, Fruit (Apples, Oranges, Bananas), Plates/Small Cups/Spoons/Napkins, Hand sanitizer

tt pic 1Also, we play in the park with them when the weather is nice.  Also useful are outdoor activities such as balls (football, soccer, playground rubber balls, etc., sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, etc.)

We will be taking donations continuously!

*If you prefer, we have careful shoppers who will purchase the supplies for you with your $$$ donation, and make your dollars stretch even further!