December 20:  Glory in the Highest Comes to the Lowest

by | Dec 20, 2015

Consider the glory of it all.  “Glory in the highest” is sung to dirty and despised men in a field—glory in the highest comes down to the lowest.  Glory given to God in the highest is glory given (in another sense) to men in the lowest.  IN the Incarnation, God condescends to stoop.  In the grip of pride, we rarely understand what dec 20happened that night.  The highest reached down to the lowest.  The glory goes to God—we do not give glory to God in the highest because we think that something else is “the highest.”  But when we come to understand the truth, we sing as the angels did.  So great joy comes to men—when the order is right, and glory is given to God, then great joy can be found among men, and no other way.  

Excerpt taken from God Rest Ye Merry by Douglas Wilson. (Pg. 129)