December 19:  It Was Not a Silent Night

by | Dec 19, 2015

Luke 2:1-7

It was not a silent night.  She strained and groaned and fought for every breath.  She pushed as sweat beaded on her forehead.  Joseph wiped her brow and told her a hundred times that he loved her he loved her, he loved her.  

Swept up in waves of pain and contractions, Mary continued to push and breathe and strain while time passed.  Eventually, as if cresting a ridge, her labor gave way to delivery, and her groaning gave way to the sound of the cries and the coos of little lungs drawing in the breath of earth for the first time.

dec 19…They gave him the name Jesus.  And they both remember why.  

…God, in his infinite wisdom, chose this couple for this night in this shelter. ..He would be their wonderful counselor, their mighty God, their everlasting Father, their Prince of Peace.  The government would be upon his shoulders.  [Isa 9:2-7]

…By all appearances, it was a humble, simple affair, seemingly unconnected to everything else going on in David’s town that night.

But it wasn’t inconsequential.  It was the most significant moment in the history of the world.  There on the edge of Bethlehem, a child was born.  A son was given.  And the zeal of the Lord Almighty accomplished this.  [Isa 9:7]

Excerpt taken from Behold, the Lamb of God by Russ Ramsey.  (Pg. 152-154)