December 18:  The Ordinary Overshadowed

by | Dec 18, 2015

Luke 1:26-38

Elizabeth had a cousin, a girl named Mary, who was engaged to a young man named Joseph. They lived in an out-of-the-way town called Nazareth.  Joseph was descended from the great King David, though for his part he was a common laborer, a carpenter.

…The angel of the Lord—the same one who visited Zechariah six months earlier—appeared to Mary and told her something that would alter the course of her and her husband’s lives—and for that matter, the world itself.  

dec 18When the angel Gabriel stood before Mary, the hypothetical gave way to the real.  The ordinary stories all at once glisical gave way to the real.  The ordinary stories all at once glistened under the extraordinary light of this celestial storyteller.  

As she listened, there rose inside her a sense that the glory of his tale was nothing new, but rather was older than time.  She only needed uncommon light to see it.  She had, Gabriel told her, found favor with God.  She shouldn’t fear the visit or the message he brought.  

The angel then came to reason for his visit.  He told Mary she would conceive a son, who would rescue his people from their sins.  God already chosen his name—Jesus, which meant “salvation.”

“But how can this be, since I’m still a virgin?” she asked.

The angel explained that all the laws of nature are amendable by the One who wrote them…The Holy Spirit would overshadow her, and when he pulled that shadow back, this virgin would become a mother to a son.  How this would happen was less important than the fact that it would.  And God would be the one to do it.  

Excerpt taken from Behold, the Lamb of God by Russ Ramsey.  (Pg 137-139)