Brazil, 2014

by | May 28, 2014

It is now a bit over a week since we entered Brazil.  I wanted to give a bit of an update one what is going on and how you can pray.  Philemon and I arrived at Sao Paulo in the morning of the 9th.  Right when we got off of the plane Philemon received the news that his father had died so grief was his companion. We came with our wives this time and were able to get to Atibaia with no problems.  We are staying in a small apartment on the church campus that is sufficient to our needs.  That evening we all went to another town called Terra Preta where I taught a bible study to the men on marriage and Kim taught on the attributes of God to the ladies.  This is a very small church that is one that PIBA (stands for First Baptist Church of Atibaia in Portuguese) supports.  It is a church that they are trying to revive for it was close to dying not that long ago.

brazil 2014The rest of the week was teaching.  Philemon is teaching the seminary students the synoptic gospels, John and Acts while I am teaching Apologetical Methodology.  It is good to see the men again and Philemon and I both see a definite growth in all of them from last year.  Their questions are deeper and more informed and they show a growing maturity.  All these men are very busy ministering in a multitude of ways through evangelism, serving in various churches, leading bible studies and such.  The seminary is definitely church-based and is actively allowing these men the chance to practice ministry as they learn the Word.

Kim and Linda continue to teach the ladies.  I was happy to hear the report from Kim about how her time with the seminary and pastors’ wives went.  She was able to give a lot of practical advice and encouragement to them all.  Several expressed their appreciation hearing her stories because they too have experienced similar situations.  It gave the seminary wives a chance to really begin to understand what they can expect, both good and unpleasant, as their husbands take a church to shepherd.  They still have two more sessions to go before they are done.

Philemon preaches at PIBA this last Sunday in the AM service.  He taught out of Romans 8:31-39 and did an excellent job encouraging us all to remember that God is for us and all we need to do is to look to the Cross to remind us.  The church received him well.  What was very touching was that they announced (without anyone translating for us) that his father had passed away.  Then we watched people begin to file forward to give money to Philemon as an expression of sorrow with him.  Very humbling and very touching.

I then preached that evening at the small church in Terra Preta.  My text was from 1 Peter 1:3-9 and was exhorting them to see that through the resurrection of Jesus we have a living hope that allows us to not merely endure suffering but to rejoices even as we weep.  It was a bit of an adventure because my Surface was not charged as I thought and it ran out of power shortly after starting so I was winging it the whole way.  Regardless the text was well known to me and the sermon accomplished much.  Kim and I find ourselves “connected” to the pastor and his wife (Jeremiah and Anna).  They show a genuine love for the people and yet they also have a difficult road to walk.  Small churches (25-30) are so vulnerable to the smallest changes.  Just consider what would happen in one family left?

How to pray?  First, that all four of us would continue to be faithful in our labors.  Second, that we can continue to encourage one another as we interact with each other.  Third, while here, things in our “real” lives continue and Philemon and I both have several issues we are addressing from afar.  Pray that we not become discouraged nor become distracted.  Fourth, pray that the students truly absorbs what we are teaching.  Fifth, pray that when we travel (we are driving ourselves) at the end of this week we will be wise and there shall be safe travels.