Biblical Counseling Training 2015 Attendee Feedback: Part 1

by | Feb 24, 2015

Between February 8th and 13th, 2015, eight members of Missio Dei Fellowship beside me (P. Bruce Roeder) attended the biblical counseling training conference in Lafayette, Indiana.

For some of the people this was a first time experience and for others their second or third time. All are either members of our small group ministry or leaders of one of the groups. Our goal is to train as many people as possible in our small group ministry in the basics of biblical counseling.

I’ve asked those who attended to write some of their thoughts regarding the training. I told them that if lengthy enough I would publish to my Counseling is Discipleship blog that Missio Dei Fellowship publishes.

Below are the thoughts of Mike S.  Mike is a small group leader and this was his first experience at Faith Baptist Church. 


Cross-and-BIble2-300x200What was my reason for attending?

  1. I have not done a decent job of spiritually guiding my family and that is a reflection of my own spiritual growth in Christ.
  2. My wife has turned from the faith and is in extremely serious sin of which I am woefully under prepared to counsel her because of my own immaturity in the word in certain areas.
  3. I love the Lord and do not want to  walk any longer in blindness simply because of laziness, bitterness, self-pity or lack of faithfulness in seeking, knocking, asking Him for wisdom.

What one thing have I taken away from the training?

  1. The word of God has every answer to man’s condition of sin and its effect on our thinking. It can speak into any condition of man and our counseling of ourselves and others must emerge directly from the word and no other place.

What did I learn about counseling?

  1. I  must be a good counselee first before I  can even begin to counsel another meaning we must be students of the word, applying it to our own lives, confessing sin, true repentance and turning away from sinful desires and to God. We must be doers and hearers of the word.
  2. We must understand the Bible and how it applies to each situation, when counseling there needs to be a building up of loving involvement, a sharing of biblical hope, gathering of relevant data and then a biblical evaluation of where a person needs change first and the most.
  3. We need to encourage people to want to imitate our Savior Jesus and the change has to be in the heart and not on the outside.

I am excited and have already begun to quietly counsel my family by applying biblical responses as situations arise. It is a slow process and I need to faithfully seek His guidance and be patient. I am looking forward to attending the conference next year for track 2.

Here is a link to counseling training link found on the Faith Baptist Church website.