December 25: The Theme of My Song

Matthew 3:13-17 Though no one could have known all of this at the time, Jesus was the priest who became the sacrifice, the king who took on the form of a servant, the prophet who himself was the Word of God.  He was Immanuel, God with us –Son of God, Son of Man....


December 24:  The Hearts of Many Revealed

  Luke 2:22-35 He worked in the temple because he believed God was near.  He knew God was near.  He knew this because God had visited him, telling him he wouldn’t die before he had seen the Lord’s Christ. And at his age, it would have to be soon. Then she...


December 23: One Star Lit for Them

Matthew 2:1-12 One of the Magi moved forward and produced a purse of gold, laying it at the child’s feet. Another came with a flask of myrrh, then another with a box of frankincense.  Unaware that they were funding a hasty trip to Egypt necessitated by Herod’s...


December 22:  Where The Lambs are Kept

Luke 2:8-15 The shepherd’s life was ironic.  Their job was to care for the animals that would be sacrificed to atone for the sins of the people.  Yet because of their handling of these dirty creatures, they themselves were unclean and thus prevented from keeping...


December 21:  Martha at Christmas

In the famous story of Martha and Mary, Mary was sitting at the feet of Christ, listening to Him teach, while Martha was in the kitchen, cumbered with much serving. Jesus said that Mary had the better part, but a lot of us are secretly sympathetic with Martha. As...