A Prayer: Psalm 14

by | Sep 18, 2015

Three weeks ago, I was the one who was to bring the Scripture and prayer to the church.  I chose Psalm 14, which you can read on your own.  Below is the prayer I wrote out and later prayed on behalf of Missio Dei Fellowship.  I present this to help you all consider how you allow Scripture to inform you on how you pray:

Psalm 14

Father in heaven we come today as those who must utter an amen to the declarations we just heard and read. Your word is true and it is painful.

            We were the rebels turning aside.

            We were the ones who walked in corruptness.

            Though thinking we did good,

                        we did not for all our thoughts and actions flowed out of sin and rejection.

            When you gazed upon us you did not see men and women seeking after You.

And yet . . .

            Your Word tells us that even before then,

                        before You saw us in that condition,

                        before time existed,

            that You graciously chose us to be found safe in Your Son, Jesus Christ.

            You set us on the path that leads to eternal, perfect adoption as your children.

            You, in the fullness of times, sent forth Your Son into this world to take upon Himself:

                        Our rebellion.

                        Our corruptness.

                        Our evil.

                        Our ignorance.

            Jesus Christ, our perfect Substitute and Savior.

            So we give you thanks for the salvation that came out of Zion,

                        born in a manger;

                        born in lowliness but raised in glory and power;

                        born to die but also to reign in holiness and eternal life;

                        born under the curse of the Law but fulfilling the Law in perfection and glory.

He is our redeemer and Lord.

We thank You for causing the Holy Spirit to take our dead hearts and make us alive with Christ.

            How He drew us to Your Son.

            How He brought us to saving faith.

            How, through Him, we were brought into the Body of Jesus Christ, the Church.

            How, in Him, we are sealed and kept safe until that final day.

So today we stand to sing songs of joy and songs of triumph.

We lift our voices in holy rebellion against the spiritual forces who are defeated by our Lord.

We sing and we listen and we learn so that in this church we would make known the hope and the glory that is found in Jesus our Lord.