A Pastor’s Plea for Starting This Year Well

by | Jan 3, 2018

This coming Sunday I am preaching out of Revelation 17 and I aim to show us the vastness of the work of Satan in establishing a religion and worldview that seamlessly was and is woven into the entire fabric of this world.  As Christians we are surrounded by it and, yet, we are woefully shortsighted in how it worms itself into our thoughts, actions, desires and plans.

It is a new year and with it comes another opportunity by God for us to set a new course in our life.  For some it is weight or exercise.  Others will be a better job or develop a new skill.  But I want to recommend we all commit to one thing above all else:  That we seek to not raise pagans in our homes, church, and relationships.  The following sermon is by Dr. Mohler of Southern Seminary in Louisville.  It is a must listen to message for each of you.  Yes, even the one who is right now thinking you don’t need to hear it!  You know who you are.

Dr. Al Mohler, “How Not to Raise a Pagan”