A Helpful Debate Regarding Baptism, Saving Faith & Children

by | Jul 2, 2015

8406776942_aa952bd658_zTonight in the theology class we will be discussing our union with Christ.  This is a critical part of the salvation experience and reality for the Apostle Paul as he shows us the glory of our salvation in Romans.  How does this union take place is a matter of theological debate however and one that is important to have.

One point that comes out in the chapter is the possible relationship between baptism and this union.  Are we brought into union with Jesus Christ through baptism or not?  Depending on how one biblically answers this will determine whether infants ought to be baptized and how the Church ought to view baptized infants.

Below are a series of blog articles that deal with this through a simple but important question, “When should we baptize a child who professes faith in Christ?”  The three people involved in this debate are a Southern Baptist, a Reformed Baptist and a Presbyterian.  If you read them in order you will see the progression of thought and the clear points of departure.  This is a good example of how theology impacts day-to-day living.

The one that started it all is by Jonathan Leeman out of 9Marks Ministries.

Mark Jones then jumped in with this post that got things rolling.

Tom Chantry then addressed Mark’s words in a longer article on how Presbyterianism approaches many issues.  If you want to only read about children and faith it is halfway down.

Finally Leeman does a wonderful guest post where he addresses both the issue at hand and Jones’ actual post.