Women’s Ministry

This ministry exists to reach out to women for Christ, nurture them in their faith, involve them in ministry by using their spiritual gifts and talents, engage the next generation, and support our local church as we serve and promote its vision & values.

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How do we pursue these goals?

Special Events: Sometimes we have a conference, or a retreat, other times a seasonal event, like Christmas Cookie Exchange, Christmas Advent, or Mother’s Day. It just depends what we plan for that year. One thing to remember is that we don’t have many of these so when we do, we highly encourage you to attend!

Coffee Talk: This has become our venue for book studies as a whole body of church women. We highly encourage women to discipline their minds to read the Book and good books. These Coffee Talks are design to engage the mind as we teach, encourage, exhort, and challenge one another. Our other main purpose is to offer a welcoming setting conducive for fellowship. They are usually one meeting per week for four weeks. *Summer ’13 was our last installment.

Prayer Meetings: These are seasonal as well. At least once a year, we would like to dedicate a month for women prayer meetings. These meetings have topics each week and usually last an hour.

Life on Life Discipleship: These are ongoing mentoring relationships. Read more about it HERE.

Strengthening Women Ministries Blog: Is our spot in the blogosphere! Here we seek to cultivate and nurture our faith in Christ. It is also an extra tool we use to reach out to the outside world for the Gospel. Check out the SW Ministries blog HERE.

Note: Our need for blog contributors is ongoing so if you are interested in being part of this ministry, please contact Kendal Barriere .

Who serves in this Ministry?
If you partake in our events, share our biblical view of womanhood, and promote those values, you ARE part of this ministry!

Meet the team heading this ministry!