Hey Christians, #ShoutYourAbortion

downloadThe advent of social media has brought us much to be indebted for. Never before have we been so swiftly and easily able to see the heart condition of a person, whether they hide behind a pseudonym or have the stones enough to just come right out with their given name. Never before have we been able to readily see the cattle head toward the slaughter upon the wide road with such clarity.

We may have believed the road was wide and easy that led to hell, but my God, we surely didn’t comprehend how very wide it actually was! Amazingly, we never quite stopped to think what was upon the road with them along the way – leading them with smoke signals by day, fire by night, masquerading as one worthy of being followed; imitating the very God whom they reject.

You see, there are two sacrifices being offered at the traveling altar of Molech. Some of the herd birth calves along the way, and yet some even become wranglers – training them up in the wisdom of this age in order to maintain that herd mentality by roping them in. These are living sacrifices to Molech, given in service to proselytize the ignorant kidlingers whom will join them later for the bloodier sacrifice. Of course, after ten videos from the CMP, we know all too well what that bloodier sacrifice is. You can’t even hide under a rock and not know about this anymore; you’d have to be the rock…

Yet for the moment, let us think about those living sacrifices being offered up to service of Molech, who speak on his behalf:

“I don’t care if Planned Parenthood provides nothing BUT abortion services. I don’t care if it’s a million-story abortion superpark with abortion waterslides and an abortion electrical parade. Abortion is legal. ABORTION IS LEGAL. If I read one more ‘defense’ of Planned Parenthood that says, ‘it’s not JUST abortions!’ or ‘only 5% of what they do is abortion! And abortions aren’t federally funded!’ I’m going to abort myself. Abortion is legal, culturally necessary, and good for humanity. It has been and will be practiced for millennia. It is essential. It is a fact. By minimizing, denying or apologizing for this fact, you are allowing these venal anti-woman Nazis to frame this debate and continue to chip away at this essential right. Abortion is not tragic. It is not painful. It is a fact. It is a right. Demand it, fight for it, and for the sake of women who have given their lives to defend it, stop apologizing for it.”

Never-you-mind the ironic disregard to Godwin’s Law by those whom declare you can’t rightfully call abortion the “Great American Holocaust” because of that same law.

More to the point, we already knew this was the real disposition behind support of abortion. The flippant terminology and expressions throughout this comment should upset you. #ShoutYourAbortion should upset you. You should have multiple, visceral reactions toward how abortion is being performed, what they are doing with the aborted baby, and the flippant conversations being had not only from the upper echelons of the Planned Parenthood infrastructure – but your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. You should, time and again, be at a loss for words and expressive feelings.

"They use everything about the hog except the squeal" (Upton Sinclair - The Jungle).

“They use everything about the hog except the squeal” (Upton Sinclair – The Jungle).

Sadly, this herd never knows of the slaughter ahead of them. The ones killing infants now in order to appease the gods of this age are so blind to the end-game. Willfully so, yet nonetheless, blind. We know they shall pronounce woe upon themselves and become utterly undone when they stand in judgment before Him. Thus, we cry out not only to snatch the bloody, infant sacrifice from before the altar – but to snatch the living sacrifice to Molech from the hell-fire that awaits them. It has never been about defunding Planned Parenthood (not alone, at least). It has always been about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been about rescuing people from death, physical and spiritual. It is about as grotesque of a situation as you can get, where the lines from Planned Parenthood elites sound like a bad parody of Upton Sinclair’s: The Jungle.

Inventors of evil know how to mobilize well.

Evil men and women will only continue to do what they know and are sold into bondage to do. They will continue to be inventors of evil unless they are brought to new life by the Spirit of God. So while they hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion with blood upon their hands, push it right back on them. Heap coals upon their heads through the display of love which is a concept so foreign to them, even though they use it militantly. Speak plainly to this sin; do not mince your words. Speak plainly to the gospel; do not hold back and refrain from any part. Speak plainly to what it looks like to walk in those deeds which He prepared beforehand for the purpose of His glory.

Stop being indifferent and do something. If you have done something – good; persevere in this until the end.

While you should not be known as a one-trick, abortive-opposing pony – you can’t ignore this topic. If you uphold the full truth of God, speaking out against abortion will undoubtedly be part of your identity in Christ. Simply put: abortion does not make your entire identity in Christ. Christ does this. Yet if your identity is in Christ, you should speak plainly to what abortion is and you should actually, physically go do something about it besides posting on social media.

If you claim Christ and you just don’t care, or you support this woefully wicked agenda, you might just find yourself on that broad road with Ol’ Molech as well. Can you truthfully tell me your affection is for Christ when you so clearly “nothing” or despise one with the Imago Dei?

You can’t #ShoutYourAbortion and tell me you really love God.

You Have Seen The Videos, So Now What?

F7C37B5E-6B34-BDAE-0B3B-403296ABF79CUnless you completely ignore all social media and the internet you are aware of the terrible videos that are revealing the even darker underbelly of the very dark practice of abortion.  Many comments and shouts have come out regarding the need to defund Planned Parenthood.  But like most things related to the internet it often just ends there.  By the next day, the Facebook pages are filled with new things to be shocked at or to like or to simply glance at.   Forgotten are the countless lives being extinguished each day.

At Missio Dei, one of the cornerstones of our church is to be in the public square.  In other words, we are to be out in and among the communities in which we live, seeking to be a blessing to the people. We are not to retreat but rather engage.  And in the abortion debate there is one incredibly simple way to engage and bless.  It is through supporting the Walk for Life through Care Net ministries.  This fund-raising effort is critical to keep this ministry stable and moving forward as it seeks to help save the lives of the unborn and minister to the mothers and fathers themselves.  It has many opportunities to bring the gospel into lives that desperately need to hear it and believe.

So, you’ve seen the videos so now what?  Put your money where you need to put it.  Support this ministry.  Decide not to eat out for the next two weeks and take that money and put it toward supporting the walkers.  Make your own coffee for a month and forgo the overpriced Starbucks lattes.  Just do it.

Missio Dei has a team ready to go and who are accepting and needing your donations.  Go to this page and on the bottom right, click the tab that says “My Team.”  There you can choose whoever you wish, or as many as you wish, to support.

Fighting Abortion

If you are like me, you have been extraordinarily sickened by the revelations of the last few weeks regarding Planned Parenthood.  As if killing babies were not enough, we now find that their corpses are being desecrated, pieced out and sold at a profit.  We are outraged, horrified and scandalized.

I have seen Christians take a number of steps to express their feelings on this topic.  There have been various Facebook posts, tweets, retweets and conversations.  These things are good.  It is important for Christians to speak out against injustice.

5de992af819b105ae68239950d3be367Do you wish you could do more?  Do you long for an opportunity to take (biblical) action?  Have you the desire to make an appreciable difference in wiping this vile death machine off of the map?  If so, allow me to make a suggestion: adopt.

Let there be no doubt: Planned Parenthood and abortion culture is the American Holocaust.  We must tell the world that this is evil and that those who kill stand condemned by God.  However, the other part is to show America and the rest of the world that we, the people of God, will take all of the children that they do not want.  When the representatives of the abortion death machine ask “So what if we stopped performing abortions?  Who is going to take all those children from unwanted births?  You?” we must reply “Yes”.

James 1:27 gives us the key to what a well-lived life of a religious person looks like:

“Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.”

Planned Parenthood has slaughtered over six million orphans in distress since 1970 (reference). What would the difference be if the church could point to six million orphans that they had adopted since 1970?  If we, the church that is called by the name of Jesus Christ, wish to see abortion culture wiped out, we must replace it with adoption culture.

Christian, consider adoption.  Find someone near you who has adopted and ask them for their testimony of the amazing things that God has done in their adoption journey.  Prayerfully consider if you are called to take action against death culture by rescuing an orphan in his/her distress.

If you yourself are not called to adopt an orphan, find a Christian near you who is called to do so and support them.  Adoptions can cost time, money or resources, and sometimes all three. Things like money, babysitting, diapers, formula, etc. are things that can bless those who are adopting and taking a stand against orphan slaughter.

If we, the church, are to effectively fight the abortion death machine in America, we must consider God’s methods.  Let us tell the world that abortion is condemned by God, but let us show the world that adoption is an invention of God (Romans 8:15, Ephesians 1:5, Galatians 4:4-7).

If God the Father has adopted you, please consider adopting.  Show America, and our community, what God is like.

What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen

3167352760_3d855afb16_zAs the debacle of Planned Parenthood’s practice continues to be revealed to our nation I am left with fewer words each time. I have plenty to say – but in reality, I believe images and videos to be more powerful than what I can write in this blog post.

For Christians, this should strengthen our resolve to support life. For those who don the name of “Christian” and support abortion – you cannot support two conflicting agendas. Scripture is very clear and so is the practice of abortion. The two value systems are diametrically opposed; therefore, you cannot support both. You will either uphold with conviction the truth of God – or – you will side with those whom hate Him. I believe you’ve already made that choice.

It should also provide an in depth commentary for us on the reality of the doctrines of sin. The only reason we should be surprised at this whole thing is simply due to naivety on the practices of this company (which is no longer the case for the whole of the world) and a lack of depth in your understanding of sin. Sin truly devastates and maligns all things good. Everything.

There is not one person, save the blind and deaf, mentally handicapped, or child, who is excusable in not knowing what has taken place in abortive practices since Roe V. Wade. It is everywhere. Planned Parenthood cannot unspin what is being shown. Corporations are denouncing support swiftly. Public outcry is only growing, even against hordes saying it is malarkey.

We can debate whether the Center for Medical Progress is using deceptive means and editorial hijinks for the grand unveiling of this sin. However, this isn’t the issue. Not in the least. The root issue is not even the killing of the unborn. It is a hatred for God. Naturally, hating the image-giver distorts and causes you to hate the image-bearer.

In all things, the Giver and Sustainer of life makes known the path of redemption through Jesus Christ. He makes known through creation His indelible image – especially through these little ones. He makes this known even in your isolation, for you bear the image of your Creator. Even the blind and deaf cannot escape this reality.

Wherever you stand, you cannot un-see what has been seen. Even if you ignore what is being unraveled before the world, you will not stand in the Day of Judgment to plead your case.

Yet if you would but humble yourselves, turn from your sins, and believe upon the Christ who spilled His blood at Calvary, you will stand. You will stand on the basis of His merit.

As originally posted @ gilsongraybert.wordpress.com