A Show Worth Watching

Last week, there was a special showing of Is Genesis History? in movie theaters.  I became aware of it rather late so my ability to encourage people to watch it was quite limited.  However, Kim and I did go and found it to be very well done in every way.  If I had one complaint it would be that they tried to cover too much in the two hours.  But, in reality, it also caused me to realize that there are several avenues of further study that I can now pursue.

All of this to say, the response was quite good for the movie and the producers are going to have two more presentations of it in early March.  I would like to strongly urge you to consider watching this movie.  It is rather vogue right now in the Church to dismiss the early chapters (1-11) as something less than historical or true and its effects is felt even in Missio Dei Fellowship.  Regardless of your position on these early chapters, it is worth your time and mind to go and watch it.  You can go to their site to find a theater near you.

One point to consider, they encourage only those twelve and older to watch the show.  I would say that unless your twelve year old is used to thinking and listening carefully on more technical issues that you raise that age to around fifteen or sixteen.  There is a lot of data given and a lot of points made so don’t think this is just entertainment.  It is a shot across the bow of the teachings that abound in our schools and, sadly, even in our churches.

May I Invite You?

I have never enjoyed Easter as a pastor.  For those who have attended my church this is not shocking as I tend to not like most any holiday.  But how can I not enjoy Easter?  This was a discussion I had last Easter with my son-in-law, Matt Miller.  It was at my house after the service and he had just thanked me for my message.  I believe I just shook my head and said that I did not enjoy the sermon at all as I preached it.  I explained that it always felt forced, like I “had” to do a resurrection sermon every Easter and how it was a struggle to make it fresh.  That’s when, without meaning to, he rebuked me.  He commented on how he did not think I needed to be fresh, that there was true value in repetition of certain things.

That is when he uttered a word I had never heard before, “Tenebrae,” which is Latin for darkness or shadows.  Turns out that he attended a Tenebrae service at his seminary on Good Friday.  He spoke of how it left a deep impact on his mind, how leaving the service with everyone else in total silence and how leaving it with one thought on his mind, Jesus was dead, weighed heavily on his thoughts leading up the Easter Sunday.  Then on Sunday he gathered with Missio Dei and rejoiced with everyone over Jesus’ resurrection.

And with that, a decision was made in my mind and then confirmed by the other elders that we would have a Tenebrae Service this year.  I want to invite all to come and remember the crucifixion of our Lord.  I want you to bring your children so that they can see and hear that sobering event played out.  It will be slightly less than one hour of Scripture readings and singing.  It will be interactive and serious.

And then come back on Sunday with the anticipation of our Lord who is not dead!  No, He is alive and in that resurrection defeated our great enemy, death.


Radical Marriage Valentine Dinner Sold Out

Thank you to everyone who has registered.  We will see you February 14th at 6:00pm, at the Boat House. It is sure to be a wonderful evening.

We are now sold out of seats for this event. If we have any become available, we will be sure to let you know.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to ask.


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Secret Sister: Deadline Dec 1st

Attention all ladies of Missio Dei: you are invited to participate in our Secret Sister program. You can read more about what it is about in the below picture.  If you would like to participate, please fill out the ‘About Me‘ form that was in your bulletin (or print one by clicking on the one below) and return it to the Secret Sister box at church this Sunday, December 1st.  If you prefer, you may, instead, send an email to Holli O’Keefe with all the information seen in the ‘About Me’ picture below.

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Sunday School Fall Festival Pictures!!

MDF Sunday School Families:

I invite you to look at all the wonderful pictures that Nicole Henry Photography took during our Saturday morning festivities!  The pictures turned out just wonderful!

{Click HERE for the picture album}

The picture album on Nicole’s site will be available for 30 days.  You have the option to download the digital copies of the photos, and/or if you want a good quality picture printed at a low cost, you can purchase copies through her site as well.  (You can find detailed instructions inside the photo album on how to use her site.)


View More: http://nicolehenryphotography.pass.us/mdf-fall-fest-13

View More: http://nicolehenryphotography.pass.us/mdf-fall-fest-13

View More: http://nicolehenryphotography.pass.us/mdf-fall-fest-13

Sunday School Fall Festival: Set-Up Pictures

View More: http://nicolehenryphotography.pass.us/mdf_fall_festival_setupThank you to everyone that helped make the MDF Sunday School Fall Festival a success!  It was a great time of pumpkin painting, fun costumes, hay rides, and much more.  We hope you and your family had fun.

We will have the professional pictures up soon from the actual event.  In the meantime, here are some pictures that Nicole Henry Photography was able to grab of the ladies and children setting up the festival the day before.

{Click Here for the Picture Album}

MDF Youth Event – Corn Maze

MDF Youth (ages 12-18), their friends, and parents: please meet at the church on Saturday, November 2nd at 1pm. Lunch will not be provided, but there will be a pizza dinner after the corn maze. Please be sure to fill out a waiver no later than 1 week prior to attending. The waivers can be returned to either Luke Severino or Grayson Gilbert. Be sure to dress appropriately. There will be a bonfire at the Aedo’s residence following the pizza dinner for those interested in attending.

MDF Sunday School Fall Festival – October 26th

RSVP online HERE