Offering Hope to the City

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The pastors of MDF offer free biblical counseling to the members and regular attenders of MDF.

We believe that biblical counseling is another word for discipleship. What you hear on Sunday morning is the same as what you will hear in the counseling office. This is a holistic approach to discipleship\counseling.

Our counselors affirm these Standards of Conduct.

If you plan to attend MDF and take advantage of this ministry please follow the links to learn how to apply for an appointment.

Please read the Fact Sheet for MDF Counseling and note that the consent form should be returned to the church along with the Personal Data Inventory (PDI) should you decide to go forward with counsel.

1. Please fill out the Personal Data Inventory (PDI)  prior to your first session and return it along with the consent form to:

Missio Dei Fellowship
5214 47th Ave
Kenosha, WI 53144
c/o Pastor Bruce Roeder

2. Once we receive your Personal Data Inventory (PDI)  and Consent to Counsel Form we will schedule an appointment. Appointments will usually be on Monday evenings.

3. Please note that this is the only way to obtain an appointment for counseling at this time so please do not call the church office for an appointment or for more information. No exceptions.

4. We are not staffed to do email counseling but Pastor Bruce can be emailed at to answer short questions regarding the application process.


Click Here for Required Documents

Click Here for Required Documents