How To: Our New Giving Platform

Exciting News: we’ve moved from eGive to Subsplash Giving! Giving will be easier than ever!

We are turning off eGive after the new year, January 31, 2018. If you have selected recurring giving in eGive, please cancel your account and sign up for Subsplash Giving.

What you need to do:

Turn off your recurring giving in eGive

Sign up for Subsplash Giving

If you have problems accessing your eGive account, please send an email to Judy Love at and she can assist you.

Please consider linking your checking account to your Subsplash Giving account. This will help the church save costs and is simple to complete.

We are so thankful for you and your continued participation and support of Missio Dei Fellowship. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Here is a step by step tutorial for creating a Subsplash account:
(click images to enlarge)

After you link your bank account, Subsplash will want to verify it is truly your account. Subsplash will explain on the next screen (after the one you see above) that they will deposit two small amounts. You will need to check your bank account, and then come back to your newly created Subsplash account and enter the amounts to verify your account. It can take a couple of days for the deposits to show up in your account. We recommend setting a reminder on your phone to check your online banking account a couple of days later.

And, that’s it! You’re all set to use the easy Subsplash giving app or website! Please contact us if you have any questions. We’ll be glad to help.


December 25: The Theme of My Song

Matthew 3:13-17

Though no one could have known all of this at the time, Jesus was the priest who became the sacrifice, the king who took on the form of a servant, the prophet who himself was the Word of God.  He was Immanuel, God with us –Son of God, Son of Man.

But the death and resurrection of Jesus only makes sense through the lens of his birth.  God’s eternal Son, who was present at creation when God made man in his likeness, humbled himself and took on flesh, born in the likeness of man.  The Maker knitted him together in Mary’s womb, fearfully and wonderfully forming each tiny part in the depths of her waters.  God saw his unformed body.  Every day ordained for him was recorded in his Father’s book of life before a single one had come to pass.

dec 25And now he has come.

Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

Excerpt taken from Behold, the Lamb of God by Russ Ramsey.  (Pg. 178)

December 24:  The Hearts of Many Revealed


Luke 2:22-35

He worked in the temple because he believed God was near.  He knew God was near.  He knew this because God had visited him, telling him he wouldn’t die before he had seen the Lord’s Christ. And at his age, it would have to be soon.

Then she [Mary] and her husband [Joseph] took up their boy.  It was time to purchase his release with more blood.  As they moved toward the place where he would be redeemed, they passed an old man with searching eyes and purpose in his step.

dec 24Simeon’s joyful hope was in the promise of a glimpse of the Christ, but God had something better in mind.  Simeon actually got to hold him.  This mumbling member of the old guard took this new life into his arms as his words rose to a cry of praise.

…They had brought Jesus to this place to redeem him, but before them stood a man proclaiming that this baby would, in fact, redeem them.

…Jesus would  reveal the hearts of all mankind.  The light of the world would shine in every dark corner of every dark heart, exposing every dark secret.  And this was a world that had grown quite fond of darkness.  It was no surprise that he would be opposed.

Excerpt taken from Behold, the Lamb of God by Russ Ramsey. (Pg. 168, 170-171)

December 23: One Star Lit for Them

Matthew 2:1-12

One of the Magi moved forward and produced a purse of gold, laying it at the child’s feet. Another came with a flask of myrrh, then another with a box of frankincense.  Unaware that they were funding a hasty trip to Egypt necessitated by Herod’s paranoia, they gave these gifts for no other reason than to honor the one born King of the Jews.

dec 23He wasn’t even their king.  Israel’s God was not their people’s God.  And yet, they had come because the thought of a God of mercy with healing in his wings awakened in them a desire to be close to the One through whom that healing would flow.  They followed the star, and after countless miles of sojourn, they found the king.

Since the fall of man, God’s promise to redeem and restore has permeated the air and found its way into the lyrics of kings and criminals.  It has been anthem of the helpless, blind, lame, and guilt-ridden—a song of hope in the night, rolling in from some distant country with the trace of a melody known by heart.

…Then all at once, as with the fall of a curtain, the night fell silent, and the audience went back to their homes.  Bethlehem went back to being ordinary town it had been for as long as anyone could remember.

But the world would never be the same.

Excerpt taken from Behold, the Lamb of God by Russ Ramsey. (Pg. 164-165)

December 22:  Where The Lambs are Kept

Luke 2:8-15

The shepherd’s life was ironic.  Their job was to care for the animals that would be sacrificed to atone for the sins of the people.  Yet because of their handling of these dirty creatures, they themselves were unclean and thus prevented from keeping the ceremonial law.  And because they were ceremonially unclean, they were often regarded as untrustworthy, irreligious, and poor in reputation.

dec 22But why had the glory of all glories appeared to the lowest of the lows?   [Read more…]

December 21:  Martha at Christmas

In the famous story of Martha and Mary, Mary was sitting at the feet of Christ, listening to Him teach, while Martha was in the kitchen, cumbered with much serving. Jesus said that Mary had the better part, but a lot of us are secretly sympathetic with Martha.

dec 21As our advent preparations come to a close, this is a good thing for [Read more…]

December 20:  Glory in the Highest Comes to the Lowest

Consider the glory of it all.  “Glory in the highest” is sung to dirty and despised men in a field—glory in the highest comes down to the lowest.  Glory given to God in the highest is glory given (in another sense) to men in the lowest.  IN the Incarnation, God condescends to stoop.  In the grip of pride, we rarely understand what dec 20happened that night.  The highest reached down to the lowest.  The glory goes to God—we do not give glory to God in the highest because we think that something else is “the highest.”  But when we come to understand the truth, we sing as the angels did.  So great joy comes to men—when the order is right, and glory is given to God, then great joy can be found among men, and no other way.  

Excerpt taken from God Rest Ye Merry by Douglas Wilson. (Pg. 129)

December 19:  It Was Not a Silent Night

Luke 2:1-7

It was not a silent night.  She strained and groaned and fought for every breath.  She pushed as sweat beaded on her forehead.  Joseph wiped her brow and told her a hundred times that he loved her he loved her, he loved her.  

Swept up in waves of pain and contractions, Mary continued to push and breathe and strain while time passed.  Eventually, as if cresting a ridge, her labor gave way to delivery, and her groaning gave way to the sound of the cries and the coos of little lungs drawing in the breath of earth for the first time.

dec 19…They gave him the name Jesus.  And they both remember why.  

…God, in his infinite wisdom, chose this couple for this night in this shelter. ..He would be their wonderful counselor, their mighty God, their everlasting Father, their Prince of Peace.  The government would be upon his shoulders.  [Isa 9:2-7]

…By all appearances, it was a humble, simple affair, seemingly unconnected to everything else going on in David’s town that night.

But it wasn’t inconsequential.  It was the most significant moment in the history of the world.  There on the edge of Bethlehem, a child was born.  A son was given.  And the zeal of the Lord Almighty accomplished this.  [Isa 9:7]

Excerpt taken from Behold, the Lamb of God by Russ Ramsey.  (Pg. 152-154)

December 18:  The Ordinary Overshadowed

Luke 1:26-38

Elizabeth had a cousin, a girl named Mary, who was engaged to a young man named Joseph. They lived in an out-of-the-way town called Nazareth.  Joseph was descended from the great King David, though for his part he was a common laborer, a carpenter.

…The angel of the Lord—the same one who visited Zechariah six months earlier—appeared to Mary and told her something that would alter the course of her and her husband’s lives—and for that matter, the world itself.  

dec 18When the angel Gabriel stood before Mary, the hypothetical gave way to the real.  The ordinary stories all at once glisical gave way to the real.  The ordinary stories all at once glistened under the extraordinary light of this celestial storyteller.   [Read more…]

December 17:  The Silence of the Priest

Luke 1:1-25, 57-80

As a priest Zechariah was scheduled to serve in the temple in Jerusalem for two weeks out of the year.  On one particular occasion, it was his responsibility to go into the temple to burn incense to the Lord.  This was an honor that came once in a lifetime.  But when Zechariah entered the temple, at the right side of the altar of incense stood an angel of the Lord named Gabriel.

dec 17“Don’t be afraid,” Gabriel said.  It was a small comfort, but Zechariah had no time to think as the angel continued, “The cry of your heart has been heard.” [Read more…]